About Empowered Events

The goal of Empowered is to equip the Church.

For too long we have sat by, pretending to serve God. Thinking that coming to Church is doing God a favor. The reality is we need to be doing more.

Hold on a minute, are you supporting works salvation?

No! We are saved by grace (Ephesians 2:8-9). However, as a Church we have forgotten what it means to believe. The word believe as in John 3:16 means to trust. Completely trust . We come to God and we decide that His way is right. We can’t do anything to save ourselves. Jesus perfect work is sufficient, He paid for our sins. So we turn to Him (I.E Repent) and follow Him.

Our goal is to light that fire in each believer, that they can understand what it means to be a Christian and live for God as He intended.

Join us, worship with us and grow in God as we learn what God wants for our lives.

Set apart to do His will!