EmPowered 2019


This years Empowered event will be on the 13 to 14 May.

What can you expect: 

Over the course of the 2 days we will cover:

  • Changing your mind 
  • Basic Evangilism
  • Discipleship
  • Worship

At Empowered we what everyone who attends to be changed by the Spirit of God. To learn to live a life that God wants you to. To be Empowered to do all that God want you to do for Him. A life set apart for God.

It is hosted by 

Rosariohan Four Square and The Harvest is Ready


Rosariohan Four Square, Rosariohan, Bohol, Philippines


Please show your interest in this conference by registering. There is a registration fee of 50 pesos, payable on the day.

We wish all to attend, if finances are a problem and you wish to attend fill out the registration from and your reasons that you would like to attend and we will consider a sponsorship.